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Questions for Home/Pet Owners

When you have your video interview, be sure to ask the following questions. You don’t want to get into a situation that you’re unqualified or unprepared for.

Don’t be afraid to ask tough questions — it’s vitally important to know the temperament of the animals you will be caring for and living with. If you ask about aggressive behavior and biting and don’t feel that the owners are being fully honest, I would not take that assignment. It works best all around if both parties are honest and are explicit about expectations and requirements.


* Does your pet have any medical issues/ medications required? How to obtain refills, if needed?

* Is your pet good with other animals/people? Can we take them to the dog park or pet-friendly restaurants?

* Does your pet have separation anxiety? Can they be left alone – if so, for how long?

* Has pet ever been aggressive with other pet sitters/groomers? Ever bitten anyone? If so, who and what were the circumstances? (DON’T SKIP THIS QUESTION)

* Is dog trained in basic obedience?

* Does your pet have any behavior quirks? What are their likes, dislikes? Favorite games?

* Are any of the pets escape artists? Are the cats allowed outside?

* What’s a typical daily routine?

* What are the pet’s grooming needs while you will be away? And if beyond just brushing, how should this be handled?


* Will I need a car? Is there free parking?

* Are there any known issues with home – plumbing, broken stuff?

* Is there a neighbor or local contact we can reach out to if needed?

* If you are on a video call like Zoom or FaceTime, ask for a quick tour. You’ll be able to see some of the layout and can tell a bit about the level of cleanliness (or lack of) to expect.


* How do you prefer to handle Hand-over days? Will there be an opportunity to have an overlap day/afternoon before you leave?

* Is there a house book (Welcome Guide in THS)?

* How do you want to keep in touch during sit? We use WhatsApp, email, and text messages mostly.

* Are there houseplants that need care? A garden? Lawn work required like mowing or shoveling snow?

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