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Questions for Home/Pet Owners

When you have your video interview, be sure to ask the following questions. You don’t want to get into a situation that you’re unqualified or unprepared for.


* Does your pet have any medical issues/ medications required? How to obtain refills, if needed?

* Is your pet good with other animals/people? Can we take them to the dog park or pet-friendly restaurants?

* Does your pet have separation anxiety? Can they be left alone – if so, for how long?

* Has pet ever been aggressive with other pet sitters/groomers? Ever bitten anyone? If so, who and what were the circumstances? (DON’T SKIP THIS QUESTION)

* Is dog trained in basic obedience?

* Does your pet have any behavior quirks? What are their likes, dislikes? Favorite games?

* Are any of the pets escape artists? Are the cats allowed outside?

* What’s a typical daily routine?

* What are the pet’s grooming needs while you will be away? And if beyond just brushing, how should this be handled?


* Will I need a car? Is there free parking?

* Are there any known issues with home – plumbing, broken stuff?

* Is there a neighbor or local contact we can reach out to if needed?


* How do you prefer to handle Hand-over days? Will there be an opportunity to have an overlap day/afternoon before you leave?

* Is there a house book (Welcome Guide in THS)?

* How do you want to keep in touch during sit? We use WhatsApp, email, and text messages mostly.

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