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It’s Lambing Time!

Spring in the UK is lambing time. So many lambs! According to National Records of Scotland,  sheep outnumber Scotland’s human population by over a million. And March and April are lambing time where that population goes up substantially. We were on the Isle of Arran and found that one of the farms offered a Farm Experience, where you could learn about the farm, feed and interact with various animals, and best of all – cuddle with a baby lamb. (Yes, I know that’s redundant, I don’t care, they are Baby Lambs to me.)

Here’s some pictures from our day on the farm.

The Bellevue Farm also has highland cattle, goats, chickens, turkeys, and alpacas. The hairy coos were gentle and slobbery.

We had a blast at the farm. And we’re still seeing lambs all over as we drive around the Lake District.

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